Hi, Robin Hartley here and welcome to Hartley Hacks! I hope you’re enjoying your time on this site.

By training, I’m a chemical engineer, but I love a wide range of topics spanning programming, making and electronics through to science and engineering.

I created Hartley Hacks as a way to share my projects in the hope of spreading inspiration, entertainment and education for all things technical, hackable and scientific.

Within the pages of this site you’ll find maker projects and prototypes – some useful, some crazy and some which are a bit of both. You’ll also find interesting nuggets of engineering, science and mathematics which I hope to share in an informative yet engaging way.

I will also be dipping into programming, electronics, 3D printing and much, much more.

So I’d like to encourage you to treat this website like a fruity dessert – take your time to enjoy and delight in the bits you like and if there are any bits which aren’t to your taste, just leave them at the side!

Thanks for coming to visit and I hope to see plenty more of you in the future.

Happy hacking,